Mig-21 Cockpit and Simulator

My Chipmunk

Arrival from Australia. Slight damage to engine mount, starter motor, and fuselage during transport.

Unloading fuselage with engine two hoists and a bit of imagination. This setup worked like a charm.

Wings, wheels, and tail attached.

Fairings still need to be attached.

Port wing attachments. One in front and two at the rear.

Engine and propeller attached. This is a Lycoming 280 HP with constant speed prop — not factory original.

All fairings installed and ready for the test flight. Aircraft registered in the US as N640WB.

Front cockpit—not much to look at.                                       Front rudder pedals and radios. Brake lever on the left.                                                   Rear cockpit.

The Chippie in Queensland Australia, registered as VH-RSQ.