Mig-21 Cockpit and Simulator

Building a sim in your garage.

My Mig-21 in Service

These pictures are reproduced with the permission of their author, Jens ‘Gami” Gabriel. His sight at

http://www.mig-21-online.de/ is full of excellent Mig-21 stuff. (In German)

Holger Müller has a list of the fate of East German Mig-21’s at http://www.mig-21.de/DDRVerbleib.htm.




My Mig cockpit had the numbers 22 on the port side which I believe correspond to the West German serial number 2292.

Only three Migs are listed on Holger’s web site that went to Savannah, GA, USA.

The serial numbers of the Migs are listed as 2207 (ver. PFM), 2292 (ver. M), and 2324 (Ver MF).

Only 2292 is an M version—as is mine.

So mine must be 2292 which has an East German serial number 583.


This logic of course does not hold up if other M versions were sent to the US with serial numbers beginning with ‘22’.

Any information anyone might have about other cockpits sent to the US would be greatly appreciated.